Welcome to the Willamette Valley Native Plant Materials Cooperative website!

The WVNPMC has been established in 2012 in order to address a growing need in the Willamette Valley for coordination among diverse public and private organizations using native plant materials in restoration, mitigation, and revegetation projects.  The main objective of the Cooperative is to pool our resources and coordinate production efforts to improve plant material availability and costs for the entire ecoregion.  Another important objective is to provide multi-year projections of plant materials needs to growers to help reduce marketplace uncertainty.

The Cooperative website will serve two main functions.  One is to be a site available to the public with updates, information about the Cooperative, use of native plant materials in natural areas, and links to other resources.  The other is to provide a forum for information sharing and to facilitate discussion among partners.  This collaborative workspace will enable partners to upload and share documents, engage in discussions, comment on draft plans, etc.  This password protected tool provides a central workplace where documents and discussions will be archived and searchable.

In 2012:

  • The Cooperative has been established as a buyer’s cooperative Cooperative Seed Labelwith 19 founding  member organizations (including growers).
  • An MOU has been completed and is awaiting partner signatures.
  • A document establishing Roles & Responsibilities of members, committees, the main group, and the coordinator has been completed and agreed upon by all partners.
  • Four active committees have been established: Steering, Species Selection & Genetics, Seed Quality, and Grower’s Advisory.
  • A tentative budget for 2013 Cooperative activities (seed collection, coordination, and contract growout) has been established and we have more than three-quarters of the funds promised from several partners.
  • Seed Quality standards have been established as well as a defined role for formal certification of seed grown through the Cooperative.
  • A label for seed grown through the Cooperative has been created and approved by partners (at right).

 By the end of the year we will:

  • Finalize species selection for 2013.
  • Secure rest of funding for 2013.
  • Finish 5-year Strategic Plan (and collect other documents such as the MOU, Roles and Responsibilities, Bylaws, etc. into a separate document called “Charter Documents”).
  • Finish construction of Cooperative Website.


In 2013 we will be ready to collect seed from and put into commercial production up to ten species of Willamette Valley native prairie plants!

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