The Oregon Flora Project

The mission of the Oregon Flora Project is to serve as a comprehensive resource for the vascular plants of Oregon that grow without cultivation, and to foster effective use of this knowledge by all citizens. The information on this useful website spans the topics shown below:

The Oregon Plant Atlas — an interactive mapping program which draws from a database of over 550,000 records to display plant distributions and the data behind each mappable point.

Photo Gallery — a collection of photographs for each plant featuring its habitat, general features, and details, as well as images of herbarium specimens and line drawings.

The Rare Plant Guide — a searchable database and field-oriented fact sheets about some of Oregon’s rare and threatened species.

The Vascular Plant Checklist — provides the taxonomic foundation for the complete project, listing accepted scientific names, common names, and synonyms for all Oregon vascular plants.

A Flora of Oregon — the definitive reference for plant identification, offering both directed-choice (dichotomous) and free-choice (multiple entry) keys.

Oregon Flora Newsletter — published twice each year, the Newsletter features articles about Oregon plants, places, and people.


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