2 SINE Production Fields Available for Adoption

1/4 acre fields of Nelson’s checkermallow (Corvallis West and Salem West Recovery Zones – each from multiple source collections) at the Corvallis Plant Materials Center.  We have met recovery objectives for plant number in these 2 zones, and our funding for these fields will be discontinued this year (read: fields will be plowed in spring).   Since 2009, both fields have yielded 70 pounds/year on average (in 2013 harvests for both fields exceeded 100#).   The annual cost for the fields is $2,500 each, which means the seed ends-up costing only $35/pound. 

While this is a threatened plant species, it is also a great native plant that establishes well in restoration sites and is a mid-summer source of nectar for insects, including at least 17 species of bees, 3 species of wasps, 5 species of butterflies, 9 species of flies, and 6 species of beetles.  Please consider adopting these fields!  If interested in finding out more, please contact Melanie Gisler of the Institute for Applied Ecology (melanie@appliedeco.org, 541-753-3099 ext. 502).








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